by robertmcnicol

I should say that I happened across, cunningly pilfered and cropped my header image from the good people at Buffalo As An Architectural Museum. I hope to buggery that they don’t care, but if any of you dedicated western New York Greek-revivalist types walk this way and want it down, then let me know. But be assured that, of all the split (some say broken) pediment images available and properly tagged web-side, yours is the best.

Really the only reason I didn’t put one up from a building in Brighton is that I’m a lazy poo poo and couldn’t be asked to find one today (which is when I decided on my blog name/theme/header). But there will be some; in fact I fully intend the recording and documentation of split pediments throughout Brighton [and the World – think bigger McNicol!] to become a minor obsession. So sorry about that.