Industrial Romance

by robertmcnicol

This is in central Brighton, near the North Laine area, though it belies the usual hippy/quirky/alternative tendency that that area casts as its reknown. It all looks very evil and industrial, though it’s actually an innocuous electricity substation.

Industrial Fantasy

The near-universal availability of electricity (notwithstanding the environmental/privatisation issues) is still arguably one of the great achievements of the 20th Century in the developed world, making possible the communication and media revolutions. Yet the architecture and design of the various methods of transferring this wonderstuff has taken on a sheen of Orwellian oppression.

The danger inherent in the transmitting of electricity has necessitated robust physical barriers; these lead to a sense of rejection to the onlooker, which in turn creates resentment and a desire to damage leading to the need for even more robust barriers as well as other security devices (in this case CCTV). This, coupled with the high pragmatism in the design and the Modernist influence in the architecture, lead to a foreboding, alien landscape. Marvelous.