Easter snow

by robertmcnicol

So as you probably know, there’s been a little snow around over this Easter weekend. And not only that, but Easter has been unusually early this year. Well, this all got me to thinking the following: is it more likely that Easter falls on March 23rd or that snow falls on Easter day. Read on to find out…

[oh, the excitement, McNicol! I can barely contain myself!]

Easter is quite literally a moveable feast, though it’s not done on the whim of the Archbishop or some scurrying Dean, poring over ancient scrolls in the crypt of Salisbury Cathedral. It’s all down to The Computus. Yes, well, me neither. But here’s some Wiki to bamboozle you with. According to Petko Yotov the last year Easter fell on 23rd March in the Catholic (as opposed to the Orthodox) church – and therefore all other Western Christian denominations – was 1913. Now I don’t want to worry you, but that was the year before the start of the first world war. Eeshk. Though in 1938 Easter fell on April 17th, so let’s not rush for the hills just yet. Phew.

So let’s snapshot that for McNicol here. I fully intend to live to the ripe old age of 85; and in the period those years cover, well – this is it. Easter has not been, and will never be, this early in my lifetime. Though according to that Wiki I led you down earlier, that’s not so unlikely: there’s a mere 1% chance of Easter being on 23rd March (throughout the entire five million, seven hundred thousand year cycle).

OK – that’s the date side sorted. So what about the weather? Oh. Well, this is a little embarrassing. According to the Met Office it isn’t actually that unusual for it to snow at Easter. As in it happened 12 times last century.

So there’s your answer. Snow more likely than early. Well haven’t we all learned a thing today.

Might I take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Easter, if you are of the inclination to celebrate the resurrection of the son of Joseph.