by robertmcnicol

Anyone who knows me will happily tell you that I know nothing about dance in general and Contemporary Dance in particular. For my lack of physical coördinative skills, I have, in my time, been known as “The Plank”.

Nevertheless, I do have friends who like this sort of thing. And dammit, I like this sort of thing, though I know nothing about it. I could give you no nouns to describe the movements in or form of the pieces; no adverbs to attach to the qualities exhibited; no adjectives to elucidate the emotive actions the dancers are … er … emoting. I’m even struggling to write about what I’m unable to write about.

So last night I accompanied Ali² to see the Nederlands Dans Theater 1 (the 1 denotes their principal company) at Sadlers Wells and it was just sublime. The music (which I can happily prattle on about for ages using a full syntactical compliment, but won’t) was an excellent selection – JS Bach, Glass, Cage (but only a little – don’t go getting worried) Mozart, Dirk Haubrich and, my favourite, Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber‘s Passacaglia for solo violin.

I will say simply that never have I seen such effortless, resonant movement. Quite lovely.