Harlem Bonus

by robertmcnicol

So the marvelous Auntie Bonus has contributed the following images of an architectural feature split impishly (in her words) from the Pilgrim Cathedral of Harlem (126th Street, in case anyone’s counting). The pediment itself is kinda cute – the dainty rim, scrolling up at the bottom; the little urns; the flat, empty central plinth; the stylised lotus flowers dangling from the high, swan-neck scrolls.

Cos they do this kinda thing stateside too

But really the pediment is too small compared to the rest of the facade. There’s that great big window on the left; the rustication fanning out from the window; the deep-set doorway (doubled in the over-door window); and that grotesque pear-cut lantern, somehow prehistoric, half-way between a fine drop of amber and the snout of a watchful dinosaur. Or I’m getting too fanciful in my old age.

same but bigger. Innit.

Either way, I’m off to NYC in May, so expect some serious skyscraper action! Tomorrow, though, old York. And if you ask nice, I might just bring you back a viking.