by robertmcnicol

So York’s old. I mean, really very old. The Roman’s were there – there so much that they crowned an Emperor there. As you do. And then the vikings, though they didn’t really leave much of an architectural mark. So here are some pictures of a very fair, very well preserved little city.

Victorian splendour

So this first number is the magistrate’s court. Very solid, very Victorian, but also rather fancy; the state in those days still had an eye on beauty as important in the impression it gave to its subjects.

By George!

This very clean house is a wonderfully restored Georgian mansion once belonging to the Fairfax family. On the inside there were some very engaging guides, including one fabulous old lady who must have been eighty if she was a day. Though spookily enough we also saw her in the Minster. And I’m now convinced that she’s the very spirit of York itself; when she finally croaks it the city walls will fall, the Royalists will return and her ghost will inspire the insurgence. Or something…

Next, for your delectation, one very plain, sombre, “masculine” split ped:

split my bottom

…and then a rather more fancy one:

Nice orb

This is a rather splendid, English Baroque building, but rather than some big house or fine town hall, it was a prison. Not a bad place to stay for sheep rustling.

Then the lovely medievalists show us how to build a small door:

And finally the Minster, which needs no words to describe its many and varied wonders: