From Flat to Empire

by robertmcnicol

So apparently there are lots of skyscrapers in Manhattan. Who knew? Arguably the big skyscrapers started with the Flatiron, still considered by some to be a particularly fine example, mainly for its exceedingly intelligent use of space (it cuts a fine dash where Broadway and Fifth Avenue collide).

You got a big shirt you want pressing?

It only took about 30 years for those voluminous New Yorkers to really think big. Still dominating the skyline, and a useful navigational aid, is the big daddy – the Empire State Building. Which, if you weren’t sure, looks like this:

What a lovely state

And also like this:

What a state we\'re in

Next time, because you’re bored already of my glorified holiday snaps, we’ll have some Rockefeller and Seagram action. Just try to control yourselves.

Update: a very late correction here – the middle picture isn’t, of course the Empire State Building but another building a little further up 5th Avenue. Not sure what. Sorry for the mistake.