Excuse me, Mr homophobe. Is that Heinz mayonnaise dribbling down your cheek or are you just pleased to see me?

by robertmcnicol

So apparently we’re all up in arms over an advert that we haven’t seen because it got pulled after lots of bothersome Mary Whitehouse-types wrote Very Angry Letters to Ofcom (except on YouTube, where a mere 150,417 views have been taken. Take that you pesky complainer people!)

So everyone’s missing the point here. The complainers (as has been pointed out) have egg(mayo) on their faces because the ad couldn’t be shown at kiddie-friendly times as the product contains too much salt. Or something. Because, if you were a homo-hating fascist, you wouldn’t want kids to ask about why two men were kissing, would you? Having said that, couldn’t they use it as a little educational exercise…

Cute Blond Kid: Hey Mom, why is that man kissing that other man in that white hat?

Homo-hating Fascist: It doesn’t matter but it’s evil and if you ever do it I’ll send you to Canada!!!

Cute Blond Kid: Doesn’t daddy have a hat like that?

Homo-hating Fascist: No no, it’s much more pointy.

So actually the ad’s funny, and well acted. But it’s not exactly progressive. I mean, this is a situation where a man living with another is presented as strange and purely for laughs (oh, and to sell stuff). Dianne Abbott in her Early Day Motion get’s it more or less right, though Nick Clegg tries a bit too hard with “The depiction of a same-sex kiss in this advert was innocent both in tone and content”.

Big-nosed know-it-all kid: Hey Mom, you know I think that same-sex kiss really wasn’t that innocent, either in tone or content. I really don’t think I should be watching it.

Guardian-reading Mom in Big Sweater: You’re right Kyle, turn Doctor Who off now please.