Happy Birthday Mister McNicol

by robertmcnicol

Dear readers, I would like to take this opportunity to reassure you both that I haven’t gone anywhere and I’m still part of that gloriously unselfregulated mass known as the blogosphere, though whilst I have been quieter of late. I was out taking photos of buildings at the weekend but then when I looked at them they were pap. Surely though however this bank holiday weekend will reap fine rewards, enhanced as it is by the presence of your here webmaster’s twenty seventh birthday. Would you adam and eve it, as my butler says. Ably assisted by McPalm sr I am well on my way to becoming a buff of the wine variety and, thanks to the D to the Y, my world is lit up. Well, my desk will be once I find an appropriate extension cable. A toast to your good healths on this felicitous occasion and another to the longevity of my beleaguered liver.