by robertmcnicol

So I’m currently working on a big wordy post with plenty of pontificating about one of the towering giants of English architecture. That post is going to take a while (please don’t get excited – it’s self-aggrandising bunkum) so in the meantime, I want to tide you over with some contributions from some readers.

From Comrade Kimber comes this fine slice of Victoriana all the way from sunny Penzance. What thoroughly tasteful curly brackets; I like. Oh, and you needn’t worry – the palm trees aren’t in any way real (apparently there’s some cruel hoaxer in the far West of Cornwall who goes round with a few fake palms and wheels them infront of people trying to take photos. Dreadful situation.)


And then Ben the Ben has contributed this:


which is a very nice curly pediment, though I’m afraid it’s already featured on this particular blog. Moving on quickly then. Ben the Ben also pointed me at this very interesting website.

So to all my readers, of whom there are at least two, I say ta. Guillemots Saturday – very excited.