It’s science,Jim, etc.

by robertmcnicol

So I thought you might not have realised that Brighton has its very own science festival. Well, now you have. I keep meaning to go (and by “keep”, I mean annually about this time for the past few years. Which isn’t really what “keep” normally means, “keep” normally being in a continuous state as opposed to a discrete one. Or a big tower with battlements and archers.

Ognatius: I keep shooting at the dratted Welsh fellow, but all that woad keeps putting me off!

Digressus: I know old fellow! It’s just not cricket, is it? Which reminds me, I must get my bat fixed this week.

Ognatius: Well would you adam and eve it? The blighter shot you in the head. Result!

Digressus: Good shot Welshie. I’m probably going to die. Which reminds me…

Ognatius: SHUT UP! *stomps on head*

So anyways, I’ll be going to the Big Science Saturday and maybe some other stuff. Because science is dead cool.