Nonsense and piffle (but it’s kinda pretty)

by robertmcnicol

So the Graun, usually quite good on environmental accuracy, claims that this house is somehow “zero-carbon“.

And apparently this all comes from one of those clever Grand Designs from Channel 4. But what they fail to mention is that this house is built of bricks. BRICKS! and glass. GLASS! If you can explain to me exactly how those are made without any carbon being produced, well I’ll be slightly surprised. Seems like nonsense to me.

And whilst we’re on green issues, if you didn’t watch Brian Cox (no, not the one who played Sidney McLoughlin in Mad about Mambo) on nuclear fusion, then you should have done.

And whilst we’re on telly, don’t watch Vertical City unless you want to be told that tall buildings are tall and can be seen from a long way away AND NOTHING ELSE ABOUT TALL BUILDINGS AT ALL.

Good bye and big lick.