Manhattan in Words & Pictures

by robertmcnicol

Hey everyone,

So this is really just me spreading an advert over the interweb. Yeah, yeah, I’m a shmuck. But it’ll put a smile on your face, particularly if you happen to be as enamoured of Manhattan as me and Nurse Kimber the Red.

Click here to view, the link to the vid is at the top right of the screen. It takes a while to load but it’s very clever.

And whilst we’re on the subject of New York and advertising, I thought you might like to see this picture here. I took this while strolling along the High Line with my aunt. I’d been fiddling around with my NY photos in HP Photosmart Premier (I’m waaaaay too cheap for photoshop) as some were a bit overexposed and I played around with this one too. I flatter myself (a not uncommon occurrence) to say that I think it looks like a classy 60s advert.

RM in NYC Aug 09 028_1

UPDATE: Etiquette, McNicol, etiquette! I, of course, should and do now tip my hat to the excellent Mister Aegir Hallmundur of the MoT.