That was the year that was

by robertmcnicol

Hello once again dear readers both; and the heartiest of greetings for this, the final post of the year. Nay! The Decade! I realise that I have, to my chagrin, not been nearly as committal to this blog in 2009 as I might like to have been. But there we are. Not that I’ve been moonlighting elsewhere, just that the pictures and words have not been so easy to pull together in marvellous mêlée of meaningful monographs. So, for the new year I offer vague promises to write up past visits to such glamorous places as Portslade, Chichester, Bexhill, Lewes Road and Lewes itself (possibly). I also have posts lined up on Mansion Flats and – ambitious, this – the invisibility cloak as architectural bunkum. How d’you like them apples? And you might even get the long-awaited-two-years-in-the-making post on Hawksmoor. Trust me, it’ll be really, really boring.

To keep you going, I’ve trawled my photoalbum for photos that might otherwise not make it onto the blog or, in other words, pictures of buildings that I have taken but that I have nothing to comment on particularly other than to say, “well, that’s nice!” Which is something I intend to do more of on here as well.

The very whooshy Grand Parade Annex of the University of Brighton, 1967 by Percy Billington. At night. Obv:

The Royal Pavilion (1815-22, John Nash) in the snow:

The monumental, almost post-modern, split pediment above the entrance to Southwark Town Hall, 1934:

Big Onofrio’s Fountain, Dubrovnik (Onofrio della Cava, 1438) from on top:

And this, from somewhere in the depths of downtown Manhattan:

So all that remains is to wish you (both) a very happy 2010. May the buildings be better and the photos not so blurry. Happy New Year!