Evil Weed

by robertmcnicol

So as you’ll no doubt be aware, I’m currently sipping a little vin rouge, enlivened with fresh grapes and the wonder that is:- CHEESE! Yes. Cheese. Excellent.

I find the smoking of cannabis a dreadful pastime. Really. Of all the things. Never touch the stuff. Quite horrible. Stinks. Burns holes in things. Dreadful. And that whole fiddly grinding-rolling malarkey. Seriously. Better things to do. Cheese is lovely.

Still, it doesn’t half pain me, all the reclassification/unreclassification/nuttsack/IoS campaign/20 times stronger/evil evil evil/feral teenagers stuff that most of the media and most of our parliamentarians insist on.

So yes – I am in favour of making this foul herb legal to possess, imbibe and trade. But that’s rather neither here nor there. You see, I am much more in favour of honesty, transparency and evidence-based policy. And cheese. Which is why I’m linking to this site. Have a click, have a read. Silly UN.


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