For your amusement

by robertmcnicol

That’s amusement pronounced “ammeeuuuusment”. Or “amusement”, to be precise.

This site‘s quite funny, even if you’re not familiar with the insufferably perfect pseudoretrominimoquirkiness of Dwell.

Here’s a couple of pics I’ve had in the file for ages, which I intended to use for something on the development of the purpose-built flatblock in Brighton and Hove. I’ll get around to that one day, but for now here’s some balconies:

Guess the year? Yes! It’s 1937. Isn’t it always? Note how the Deco stylings (the curve on the balconies, the disproportionate vertical and horizontal railings) are understated – this isn’t some glitzy Odeon cinema or sleek newspaper offices. This is a genteel block of flats for nice Hove residents; yes, Gerald makes the odd cocktail but generally it’s a gin fizz. And Shirley wouldn’t be seen dead in a conical brassiere.Or brasserie, for that matter.

The architect was one Joseph Hill, presumably the same whose firm later became LAP.

That attic storey with the dormers would have been for servants (according to my handy Pevsner). Ah, the Thirties. When the humble folk had the best view.