The Pedifesto

Good evening ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between. I give you lovely people the Pedifesto.

This blog is the creation of me, Mr. Robert T. McNicol. The roving brief of this particular blog will include: architecture; the arts in general (although music in particular); Brighton (its history, services, buildings and general wonderfulness); politics; fashion & design; me. This list should not be taken as exhaustive. In point of fact, the nature of a blog dictates that the blogger should write about that which is of interest to him or her at the point of bloggage.

All blogs are not created equal. “Distinction” will be the urn that splits this peculiar pediment. Distinction taking us to discernment, difference, distance, discrepancy and decoration, although never discretion.

Expect wordy pretentiousness but stick with it kids; this is gonna be fun.