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The pediments of Birmingham

Longer posts will – eventually – be forthcoming following my recent trip up midlands. Meanwhile, a few of the curvy pediments of Birmingham:

Two split pediments, canoodling behind a hedge:

A nice bit of stonework, snugly supporting a friendly cherub:

A rather pristine swoop of terracotta:


Split Peds in Dubrovnik

There’s a tendency toward the Baroque in Dubrovnik and they really know how to split their pediments.

They stick three of them together, round a corner:


Not enough for you? Want four in a row, preferably topping out some engaged ionic columns? Fine.


Fancy, eh? Well – not as fancy as this. This is proper Baroque – an angel of some variety, lots of thick swirly bits, and a beautifully broken pediment:

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Jazz and Baroque

Ok, so half of that’s a lie (well – five sevenths, if you’re counting the letters). Or rather at the moment it’s a lie; the baroque’s still firmly ensconced in the camera of Osmond the Younger and shan’t be making an appearance until I can find a way to tease it out. I thought of trying some ostrich feathers finely coated in battery acid but somehow I suspect that may just exacerbate the issue. Still, it’ll be worth the wait – I took a trip to what is billed as The Finest Baroque Church in England. And it’s not St Paul’s Cathedral, though it’s not too far away. Anyway, that’ll be coming soon. Oh, how I tantalise…

In the meantime we take a trip across Londonshire and inside the rather fabulous elliptical drum they call the Royal Albert Hall for some promming action. If you didn’t catch it on Saturday you should be able to do the whole online TV thing (see below for linkage). Gwilym Simcock’s piano concerto “Progressions” is really quite something; Ravel meets Chick Corea, perhaps, with a little Jaco thrown in for spice. Watch it or I’ll put all the world’s cheese into quarantine.

[I could probably imbed it here, but I clicked a few buttons and it didn’t like it and I’m going to have my tea soon. So you’re just going to have to follow this link here:


but you’d better watch it still or the fromage will get it. Mark my words.]

A little Gothic never hurt anyone

So here’s a very cool building in Brighton (on Steine Street, just off St James’). I’m fairly sure that it’s the stage entrance of an old theatre or cinema. This is at the side of the building (hence the crowding); the front has – from memory – a fancy red brick double-bowed fa├žade and there’s a long rectangular hall that stretches back toward the sea. The building is now an amusement arcade (now there’s a euphemism).

Steine Street Stage Entrance

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