Valencia – isn’t it shiny?

Hello one and both, so once again I begin with an apology about not having been making posts on here. Dreadful. Just dreadful. And because I’ve been all kinds of busy as of late, I’m afraid you’re getting not shiny new pictures but something I’m recycling from those halcyon days before SP (the equivalent of the spittle in the bottom of someone’s lager. Nice.)

Back in April last year, Missus Flissus and I took a trip to Spanish Spain and saw some fabulous buildings in Valencia. After casually draining a river, the good people of Valencia decided to build an impressive arts & sciences complex. The two major buidings are quite incredible: an enormous, mollusc-like concert hall and a vast, stately science museum; and they’re surrounded by raised walkways, wide shallow pools and plazas – a beautiful public place.

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