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Coming of Age in Dulwich

So as you can tell from the previous couple of posts, I was in Dulwich yesterday enjoying the softest hail known to man and freezing my eyelids off.

*blink* – *crack*

At the Dulwich Picture Gallery they have a very good exhibition on the emergence of American (and by that I mean US) art from the mid Nineteenth Century through to the middle of the Twentieth. Contained within four and a half rooms is an excellent variety of artists from and/or working in America; I’m no art historian (as the politicians say) but the movement from a strong European influence to a distinct and deliberate American voice is quite apparent (though of course this is Establishment America; no indigenous or native works here). I – predictably given my Proustian tendencies – liked the John Singer Sargent. Video talkies on the works exhibited can be found here.

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Shallow Ped in Dulwich

Also in Dulwich (in fact, right opposite the very good Dulwich Picture Gallery) is this cunning little split ped. The rest of this large Victorian detached family home is all plain, sensible, understated brick with hardly any ornamentation. The porch, however, betrays a soupçon of self-importance. In fact I’d argue that the porch, with it’s pediment broken reservedly at the bottom (rather than the more theatrical top splits), is crucial for the overall impact of the house. Yes, we are proud of our home and want you to appreciate the importance of entering it, but we don’t boast about it. Yes (this façade says in a Brian Sewell voice) we know about history but we don’t rigidly adhere to a Palladian dogma or follow the diktats of fashion.

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