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That bridge

Hello there one and both. So I’ve been here for a while now and frankly it’s getting a little boring.


HA HA!! Had you fooled! I was joking, of course. I’m currently chez Machado, listening to Mark Ronson’s Authentic Shit (sorry Mum) radio show which was actually broadcast last week or something, though we went to see him do his schtick on Friday (before we went to the Planetarium and danced to some pumping dirty house music (sorry Mum)) though he wasn’t actually DJ-ing as he had a guest DJ though he was sitting in the background sipping a beer or somesuch though he didn’t look like he was enjoying himself much though he probably was.

I think I may be playing this a bit loud and that it might be interfering with my sentence structure. Sorry about that. Turned it down now. Mr Buttress might, with his implicit interest in all things Gothic, be interested in this post, being as it is about one of the finest Gothic structures on Earth. No, not Rheims Cathedral, nor the Palace of Westminster. Don’t be so foolish – I’m in New York; and I thought my readers were clever. Huh. No, sorry – yes, er, right. No, so not either of those but this one:

Oh to be a Roebling!

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So York’s old. I mean, really very old. The Roman’s were there – there so much that they crowned an Emperor there. As you do. And then the vikings, though they didn’t really leave much of an architectural mark. So here are some pictures of a very fair, very well preserved little city.

Victorian splendour

So this first number is the magistrate’s court. Very solid, very Victorian, but also rather fancy; the state in those days still had an eye on beauty as important in the impression it gave to its subjects. Read the rest of this entry »

A little Gothic never hurt anyone

So here’s a very cool building in Brighton (on Steine Street, just off St James’). I’m fairly sure that it’s the stage entrance of an old theatre or cinema. This is at the side of the building (hence the crowding); the front has – from memory – a fancy red brick double-bowed façade and there’s a long rectangular hall that stretches back toward the sea. The building is now an amusement arcade (now there’s a euphemism).

Steine Street Stage Entrance

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