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More Victorian redbrick

And here’s a building not too far from St Mary’s but with more of a nod to the Tudor, with those small, leaded upper windows, imposing central “gable” with crest and large bay window. I like the banding in the arches and above the first floor windows; shame about the added bay window at the far end;kind of ruins the symmetry. Handily the building is dated (in that shield) to 1866. But what was it used for? Clearly not domestic, but possibly some kind of mews or workshop perhaps. Hmmm…

Stripey\'s nicey


St Mary’s a bit of a looker

The rich, red brick of this large Victorian church in Kemptown looks rather nice in the evening sunshine. St Mary’s is of a pleasantly complicated design; I like to think there’s a slight Venetian influence, with the large flat gable at the facing end of the Nave and the high pointed pediments above the door and window arches. But I could be imagining it.

and she claims to be a virgin.

Apparently she’s very grand on the inside. Aren’t we all.