Coming of Age in Dulwich

So as you can tell from the previous couple of posts, I was in Dulwich yesterday enjoying the softest hail known to man and freezing my eyelids off.

*blink* – *crack*

At the Dulwich Picture Gallery they have a very good exhibition on the emergence of American (and by that I mean US) art from the mid Nineteenth Century through to the middle of the Twentieth. Contained within four and a half rooms is an excellent variety of artists from and/or working in America; I’m no art historian (as the politicians say) but the movement from a strong European influence to a distinct and deliberate American voice is quite apparent (though of course this is Establishment America; no indigenous or native works here). I – predictably given my Proustian tendencies – liked the John Singer Sargent. Video talkies on the works exhibited can be found here.

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