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Shallow Ped in Dulwich

Also in Dulwich (in fact, right opposite the very good Dulwich Picture Gallery) is this cunning little split ped. The rest of this large Victorian detached family home is all plain, sensible, understated brick with hardly any ornamentation. The porch, however, betrays a soupçon of self-importance. In fact I’d argue that the porch, with it’s pediment broken reservedly at the bottom (rather than the more theatrical top splits), is crucial for the overall impact of the house. Yes, we are proud of our home and want you to appreciate the importance of entering it, but we don’t boast about it. Yes (this façade says in a Brian Sewell voice) we know about history but we don’t rigidly adhere to a Palladian dogma or follow the diktats of fashion.

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Easter snow

So as you probably know, there’s been a little snow around over this Easter weekend. And not only that, but Easter has been unusually early this year. Well, this all got me to thinking the following: is it more likely that Easter falls on March 23rd or that snow falls on Easter day. Read on to find out…

[oh, the excitement, McNicol! I can barely contain myself!]

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